Monday, March 31, 2008

Letting go.

Tonight at 10pm will mark the first GAPS that I have intentionally missed in about three years, it also marks the first Monday night of a future of free Monday nights. People always say that you never realize how much you need, want, or will miss something until its gone. This is true, I mean we never get the chance to analyze anything until after the fact, we are too caught up in it to see the ultimate connection while a participant. But sometimes it is just time to let go. Not saying that it wont be hard or even hurt, but sometimes moving on is the only way to really grow. Think about it, if we are forced, or even volunteer, to start something new we are forced to face the unknown. We are challenged by untested waters, we have to face the fears of failure... again. When something is successful, it is easy. I was blessed to be a part of GAPS, to come to Christ through that ministry, to be able to be a leader in that realm and to have a safe place to take my 'lost' brothers in the Greek community. It is a part of me and I will never ever give that memory back. The cool thing is that because of all of those things I have been equipped with an ability to communicate the gospels on a a level that is understandable. I have been shown a way to share my faith with people who would never hear it elsewhere. I have seen a leader who I aspire to be. GAPS was an amazing piece of my life. I cant wait to see what the next piece is.

Its now 10:01 and I am officially starting a new faze of my life... How awesome is that!?!

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