Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wake up, calls?

The necessity of the wake up call is essential. We request them at hotels when we are on vacation and have a long day of tourism ahead of us, we get them on our cell phones when there is something important the next day, we have one arranged before that deal making business meeting, and we are given them when we are completely missing the point and need a character check.

This thought of the "wake up call" has really got me exploring the idea of dormant convictions; areas in my life that have been affected, I have realized it, seen a transformation of healing towards the better and then over time completely ignored it. In a less confusing way; I see a need in my life, I act on that need to improve my life, things get better, I become comfortable, I forget the need and I am back to square one. Its a vicious circle.

So, how does this apply to wake up calls? Once we realize that we have lost that conviction it is usually too late, once we have the understanding that we need help we are usually too deep to get ourselves out, when pride has taken us in the opposite direction that we were headed we most often cant find our way back. In my life the things that throw me back into reality are "wake up calls," those times in life when you are acting out of character and have no regret what so ever and something happens and the light turns on. When you can almost feel God flick you on the forehead and say, "its time to wake up, its time to deny yourself, its time to be the man I have intended you to be."
To me those times are the best. To me Life makes sense when I have gotten that wake up call. To me I know things are alright, because when I am receiving a wake up call, it means I had intentions to do something important. You don't get a wake up call on the days you intend to sleep in.


Now I understand why we must take up our cross daily, pursuing holiness doesn't take a vacation... even if we are on one.

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