Sunday, March 30, 2008

Outcomes are inevitable.

No matter how hard we try to make ourselves believe that we can fix an outcome, that we can really make an impact or we can prove something different than it really is we always end up failing. This is the greatest gift of all. I don't have to worry about the present. I don't have to think about the end result. Don't get me wrong it is awesome to dream, and we should, we should dream so big. But the reality is that if that dream is to come into fruition it has nothing to do with us. Alright we have to be the laborer, which we are called to be, but other than that its out of our hands. I guess it kind of brings me back to my 'great days' post. Yes, I know that we are all broken and sinful and yes I know that we have selfish hearts, but if we are really selling out for the kingdom, for common good then what do we really have to worry about? Sure sometimes we are dealt what seem to be the worst hand of cards in the deck, but at the end of the day we were dealt that hand. We were dealt that hand by the ultimate Dealer himself, so why not "consider it pure joy whenever faced with trials of many kinds"(James 1:2)?

Yeah I know that it sounds good and we never really fully get joy out of struggle but what could the world look like if we tried? Is the next leader in the fight for unity, peace, and world freedom the next advocate for a hunger-less future and a disease free planet, the person who decides to embrace the horror of this world with a joyful open hand? Will it be the individual who finds beauty in even the most horrific of situations? Not in a morbid way but in a way that allows us to dig deeper, in a way that gets us past the help and love and feed the need states of mind, and into an understanding of God's plan mindset. What does that look like? Is that crazy? What if instead of WhatDoTheyNeed it was really WhatDoWeNeed, what do we need to figure out that the answers are in front of us, that all we need to do is take action that all we need to do is realize that God has a plan and it is going to be carried out regardless, but as long as we are here we might as well jump on board. What if we took the 'joyful struggle' approach and instead of turning our heads from what is uncomfortable we looked it dead in the eyes realizing that we can be the key component of something great. How much more can we see accomplished in our lifetime if we actually make an effort to accomplish them? See I believe in a good, loving, just God who wants nothing but the best for everyone, no matter what! God is giving us the opportunity to supply the best for all, not just our comfortable suburban selves. When opportunity knocks what are you going to do about it?

WhatDoTheyNeed? -- Us to take advantage of opportunity. Possibly.
This post is a jumbled mess and I apologize for that.

PS John some people aren't trying to write profound things they are just more intelligent.

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