Thursday, March 13, 2008

The rundown

Dear Friends and Family,

This summer I will be traveling to Africa with a group of people representing Ichthus student ministries on campus at Kansas State University. While on our trip to Africa we will spend six weeks in Uganda, working with the Arch Bishop of the Anglican church, we will go through two weeks of evangelism training, and getting acclimated with the culture and the people, followed by four weeks of serving in different capacities, that include but are not limited to, working in orphanages, schools, AIDS clinics, etc… While in Uganda we will be paired with Ugandan college students that have the desire to serve in the same capacity and field as us. Proceeding the six weeks in Uganda John Nunnally, a friend of mine with the same aspirations and vision for the nations, and I will be traveling to the southern parts of the continent to further experience the culture and witness the lives of our brothers and sisters in need. During this trip we plan to visit an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp, to put into perspective the ease of our lives and experience the tragedy that is happening around us by genocide and civil war.

In order to make this vision a reality we have come to the conclusion that we must raise $6,000 each to cover the expenses necessary for a trip of this length and magnitude. The funds raised will go to cover travel expenses, as well as food and housing for an entire summer of service.

I am asking first and for most for prayer as your biggest form of support for our summer. We know that without the guidance of our Lord and the unending support, thoughts and prayer from home our trip will not be a success. I am also asking that you consider helping support our trip financially, so that I can have the opportunity to fully realize my role as a global citizen and the impact that my heart for the nations can accomplish. With our departure date being June 10, 2008 we have set a deadline of May 15, 2008 to raise the needed funding, with that said we ask that you please consider contributing sooner than later. All donations are tax deductible and checks can be made out to: Ichthus Student Ministries.

For further information on what we intend to accomplish while on our trip please feel free to contact me, and visit our website which has a more in depth look at our vision for the summer, and will also include updated blogs, photos, and videos of the progression of our trip.

Thank you for your support,

Sam McCord


3221 N. 131 St. Kansas City, KS 66109


John Nunnally said...

Hey buddy

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