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Archives 21 Nov. 2007


Do ever get the feeling that no matter what happens, no matter how bad it gets, no matter what the circumstances that everything is going to be alright? Ever just been hit in the head with that blunt object that just says no matter how much you have hurt me, no matter the dishonor or embarrassment that the people that are closest to you, the people you truly love aren’t going anywhere. The billboard in your imagination is lit up with bright lights and reads “we are a team, nothing will separate us.” I have an amazing family. The best part about my family is that no matter what we have done to one another there is nothing that is going to separate us. We are like a puzzle, maybe rough around the edges at times, but without all of the pieces in perfect order it just isn’t complete. We do have the uncanny ability to be stubborn, like many families I am sure but what separates us from the pack is that no matter how mad one of us is trying to be at the others we can all see right through it. Now can we be frustrated and angry at one another, OF COURSE. But the ability for us to go 24 hours with a true vengeance I find to be completely impossible. ---- Why is it the things that we feel that we want the most in life must wait? If its relationships, fine dining, children, fall (and it is the dead of winter), to meet our maker, the list goes on. Have we ever just sat down and really from the bottom of being with no regret no second guessing just leaned back and asked for the thing that at that particular time we wanted more than anything else in the entire world and it was instantly given to us… I mean absolutely instantly given to us. No hesitations no waiting for delivery, nothing, just “here Mr. McCord exactly what you were wanting right this way.” Maybe it’s because the things that really want, the things that we value the most, the things that mean the absolute most to us… are sitting right in front of us in the first place. Could it be that we spend too much time and effort searching so hard that we forget to live in the present always wondering about the future? Maybe the future is really the culprit of problem. Maybe it is are inability to adapt to ourselves, always striving to be someone different, never willing to make the most of what we got that is really what is killing us in the first place. We are the only species on this planet that holds any regard to the past, which for arguments sake could be what makes us the most sophisticated species. Or maybe the past is what is dragging us down always comparing ourselves to what came before never allowing one another to become the next great thing. And why won’t we let one another advance, become the next best, what makes us try to hold one another back? Is it pride? It could be, but I think it is even simpler than that. What if it is just plain fear of what could be? What if pride, don’t get me wrong a very dangerous trait, isn’t really our main motive of malice, and discouragement, could it be as simple as fear? Really what is fear? Our resources tell us it is a feeling of anxiety, anticipation of danger, worry. What if even that is too complex? Concern of the result; that seems like it could be the attribute that trumps pride. Seriously think about it, anytime we truly discourage someone, make an active pursuit of stopping someone or something’s action is usually out of fear. See I don’t think our pride really gets in the way when others are doing things, I think pride mainly just gets in the way of the one who is trying to build it. I think fear is what fuels our persistence against others ambitions. Not the fear of their recognition but the fear that the outcome of their action could be detrimental to the future. Which brings me back to the point, are we as a whole really living for today, or are we just in constant struggle with what’s ahead. In conflict with the things that at this point we have absolutely no control over? So I guess it comes down to, “what are you ordering today for tomorrow?”

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