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I think that I am going to start something new today. Well at least add some structure but who knows where my mind will wander. I think that each day I am going to pick a word, today starting with the letter “a”, tomorrow the letter “b” and so on. The word will be pretty random, I will pick them from the Merriam-Webster dictionary and they will be partially screened. Once a word is chosen I will wrap my thoughts around that word and the meaning of its definition, maybe the implications of the word, we will just see where it goes. So today we start with “A”… here we go.

Attrition- the act of wearing away by or as if by rubbing. – A reduction in numbers as a result of resignation, retirement, or death.

This is already tough. When the word attrition is said the first thought that comes to mind is naturally the attrition rate. And just the turnover in personnel. But the word attrition can span much farther than just the inability for someone or something to retain employees. Attrition should I believe expand to personal and emotional things as well. Let’s say for instance in the case of holiness, someone that is pursuing holiness or someone that is striving to be the perfect image of something is destined to fall short. There is just no way, no matter what it is, to become the perfect mirrored image of what we are chasing after. So in that logic each time that we do not meet our personal, spiritual, or whatever standard that has been set we are in some way losing apart of ourselves. In the case of holiness each time that we fail there is attrition to or of our faith. The perfectness that we were striving for will never be met and a piece of has been taken. Now not to say that we cannot achieve that same faith or somehow fill that void that we have created but for the time being there is an attrition rate on something that is not just personnel. I guess it would be safe to say that attrition is a weakening. So I guess my question is what does the antidote of attrition look like? And when people start to realize the answer to that question I cannot wait to see our world flourish. – Why is it that no matter how tired you get of something there is always something that can bring you back? How can people say that there is nothing in the world that could make them join that organization again, or do that activity again, yet before they know it they are in the middle of the storm wondering how they got there? What is it about the things that consume our lives that we just can’t ignore? Why is it so hard to give up the things that completely drive us crazy and consume all of our time, but it is so easy to neglect the things that are relaxing and we have no time for? I guess maybe the real question is what are we giving our life to? And maybe the better question is why can’t we trust that other people can handle the tasks and do just as good of a job as us on the things that we let control our lives? Why can’t we allow others to take the light? Are we attracted to doing good or are we attracted to people seeing us do good? These are just a few questions on my brain. The thing that I think the more I contemplate this is that the problem isn’t, are we able to let go or do we want the light, but is rather we can’t truly trust. The best leaders are the greatest followers, and the greatest leaders are the best delegators. So really if we want to succeed we need to first be able to take advice and allow others to take the reins at the same time giving people more responsibility and not looking back. Who would want to work harder for you?... The guy who you give a responsibility but then you hold his hand the whole way and you correct his every move to be like yours. Or. The guy who you tell the task and then put faith in his abilities conversing with him a few key times over the course of the project. The fact of the matter too is that when you coach everybody along you run out of hands to hold with.

(If you are reading this I never make it past ‘A’)

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