Monday, April 28, 2008

Security Codes

There is one thing that I have found to be a total nuisance in the progression of technology. That would be security words. You know the boxes at the end of a form online that have the squiggly words that are actually just random letters.

Just minutes ago I was applying for a flickr account and it took me 3 tries to get through the security word step. They have shaded the letters, made them dark blue, and made all of the characters continuous. Plus it was case sensitive.

It really made me not want to have an account, but i am a sucker so now "1400 Miles From nowhere" has its own flicker page.

Plus while I am ranting about flickr (which is controlled by yahoo, who i have the problem with (Google for life)) you cannot start a sign in id with a number (eg. 1,2,3,4,5,6,etc...). So i had to make my sign in name nowhere1400@yahoo, how lame.

All I wanted was 1400miles@yahoo but no. Oh well I should just be happy I have an account complaining does no good anyways.

Have an amazing day y'all!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

What do they need?

What are we here for? Really, what is our reason, or purpose, if you will for being here on earth? I love baseball, Boulevard, and Mac & Cheese, but I dont really think those are my purpose. I love Jesus, learning new things and people, but these seem too broad to be my exact reason for life. (Dont get me wrong living for Christ is why I am here.) But specifically, like my daily life's activity, what is the point.

I get confused sometimes. What am I supposed to do? What if I discern His will wrong?

This has been a thought, and even a battle of mine for the last couple of weeks. But today I quit worrying about it.

We Just have to love. All the rest will fall in place. If we dont love the people, we cant save the people.

Evangalism is exciting, experiencing Christ with people is the most amazing thing ever. But if it isnt sincere, if we arent interested in their lives and meet them where they are then what is the point?

James is interesting. He throws a curve ball and I think a needed one at that with his thoughts on religion.

Wrap yourself around this:
James 1:27 - "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

So besides the obvious, JC, I raise the question again; "What Do They Need?"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Freak out.

It is now official. I am going to Africa! The tickets are in our possession. One thing is for sure I am flippin' excited. With that said, I am uber anxious. I would not say that I am particularly nervous about this summer, but I would be lying if I was to say that there wasn't a little anxiety.

I am facing the facts that I am about to go into a culture that I cant even imagine. This summer will be great, I have no doubt about that! I cant even imagine the ways God is going to reveal himself. But I am still a little scared. Oh well, no turning back now. Lets get stoked to go figure out an answer to the question, "What do they need?"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Right Time.

Disclaimer: This might not make sense to many people, but I know for sure it will to a particular few.

1 Corinthians 16:12-14(The Message)

About our friend Apollos, I've done my best to get him to pay you a visit, but haven't talked him into it yet. He doesn't think this is the right time. But there will be a "right time."
13-14Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you've got, be resolute, and love without stopping.

It seems, at least in my life, that there are constantly things that make me uncomfortable. Some more so than others, but none-the-less plenty of situations that I dont want to put myself into. In a generation where the word 'creepy' gets used as much as ones name, and awkward people are so prevalent that they have their own mascot, the awkward turtle, its easy to see why people would want to dodge certain situations or groups of company. On a more serious note there are events in our lives where we have felt wronged or even that we have wronged another and not only do we no longer feel comfortable in their presence we also do not feel that we need/should be in there presence.

In the past few weeks I have began to grow distant to a group of people that were like family to me... better yet they were family to me. A few disagreements, bad decisions, and lack of communication, turned a once healthy and fruitful relationship into an awkward and tattered relationship.

The fact of the matter is that reconciliation takes time, and forgiveness is love and that wounds need to be healed, yes, I got that. But does this mean that I have to jump back into the group and be buddy buddy,does it mean that I really even have to be in that setting ever again?
My problem with some peoples view of reconciliation is that it ends when everything is normal again. I have no trouble forgiving people and situations, I really have no trouble moving on and forgetting it ever happened either, but people grow apart. Change is good. Getting away from the norm is not only healthy but it has the opportunity to open our eyes to so much that we may have been missing.

Paul should have been talking about me here instead of Apollos as far as I am concerned. I dont like anyone or anything any less, I just need time for seperation, time to spread out and grow, time to see what else God is revealing. Until then "keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you've got, be resolute, and love without stopping." I sure as heck am trying to.

I love you guys, I really do. Soon it will be 'the right time.'

Monday, April 14, 2008


Romans 1:28-32
Since they didn't bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose. And then all hell broke loose: rampant evil, grabbing and grasping, vicious backstabbing. They made life hell on earth with their envy, wanton killing, bickering, and cheating. Look at them: mean-spirited, venomous, fork-tongued God-bashers. Bullies, swaggerers, insufferable windbags! They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives. They ditch their parents when they get in the way. Stupid, slimy, cruel, cold-blooded. And it's not as if they don't know better. They know perfectly well they're spitting in God's face. And they don't care—worse, they hand out prizes to those who do the worst things best!

Today I was talking with a guy that I meet with on a regular basis. Great guy, struggling with life and purpose and direction, but is so close. We were chatting for a while drinking our coffee black, because that's the only way to drink it, when the topic of ignoring God came up. Now this is a smart guy, one of those guys who is almost too intelligent, but he asked me a question that seemed ignorant until I started to think about it later on this afternoon. "How can God be present in our lives(punish/love us) if we ignore his existance?" This is one of those conversations that was more about listening and letting him work stuff out through verbalizing his thoughts so I didn't give him an answer. I really didn't have a great answer at the time, but I think this passage in Romans 1 kind of sums it up.

With the knowledge of God, but not the decency to care about his love towards us we will know, deep down, that life isn't right. We will understand the joy of his love and realize what we have in return for sacrificing that joyful relationship. Why do we spend so much time trying to manipulate and ignore the Thing that is best in our lives?

An answer to my friends question; seems to me that it would be more a realization of our lack of commitment to him than his lack of presence in our lives.

Just some rambling thoughts.

Monday, April 7, 2008

True American?

This past weekend we remembered a Hero in America. We remembered a man who fought for civil rights and was not afraid to make a stand for what he, and everyone else, knew was right. We looked back at the life of a man who created the first ever "poor man's" campaign that fought for under-waged and under-appreciated Americans (What could have happened if his life had not ended short?). We take time and acknowledge and admire a remarkable man.

Also this weekend we watched a team in the Memphis Tigers play for a city that was so deeply effected by Dr. King. A city in the heart of the south that was home to marches, sit-ins, riots, extreme segregation, and eventually the site to Dr. Kings assassination. This weekend the Tigers were America's team. This weekend the Tigers represented equality.

How could anyone who calls themselves an American and root against the Memphis Tigers? How can you not pull for a city that is home to an event that is arguably the greatest defining moment in our countries history?

In conclusion I have found that it is unpatriotic to be a KU fan and that you will have trouble justifying your dedication to this country if you root for the Jayhawks. I believe that all KU fans should move to Lawrence, and by Lawrence I mean Canada!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Warning: You probably wont agree!

Why is there such a disagreement amongst the Church? I realize that we all have different takes on theology and that every denomination is different and that disagreement and challenging of faith is not necessarily an unhealthy thing, but when did diversity become a cultural wedge. We can take the word diversity in every sense of the term, let it be, people, way of life, religion, denominations within religion, whatever. It seems to me that people who are fighting for the same goal (in this case the advancement of the Gospel) end up fighting each other and never get anything done.

What will it take for people to come together being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose? Like Paul instructs to be in Philippians 2:2. But also realizing that no matter what; sin and perception has caused us to have views that not all will agree on, but that we all have the same common goal in mind. What would a movement look like that used the strengths of each denomination and ministry to enhance the weaknesses of another.

Has pride become something that is so great that we as believers who have received Christ are not allowing the message to be spread out because of our own sin? Sure, I guess would be the easier answer but I don't think it is that simple. I think a lot of it comes back to fundamentals of a people. I think it comes back to the fact that the word diversity sounds good and warm but is really just a term that masks a wedge that we use to separate people.

Shouldn't diversity in any sense be about celebrating one anothers differences and working through those differences for a common good? Why is diversity just a generalization for labeling separate groups of people and creating categories that cause a failure to establish community, fellowship, and support? Bridging the cultural gap and promoting diversity over segregation in all realms is a battle that is worth fighting. Many leaders have made great headway in eliminating this cultural and religious wedge, now its our turn to step up.

Who are we to be a burden to the gospel because, "I am a Baptist and I don't want to labor next to a Methodist?"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pop culture, RAPS!

She had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans]
Boots with the fur [With the fur]
The whole club lookin at her
She hit the floor [She hit the floor]
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low

Them baggy sweat pants
And the Reeboks with the straps [With the straps]...

Q. What are 'Apple Bottom Jeans?'
A. Apparently a jeans company with a semi provocative website. The company is owned by STL's very own Nelly, so I guess that covers that.

Q. How about 'boots with the fur?'
A. They seem to be, with limited Google research, Bearpaw Sonjo Fur Boots, these boots have rabbit fur uppers and swede feet. Interesting

Baggy sweatpants and the Reeboks with the straps, that is self explanatory and totally acceptable.

I guess my question really is how have the 4 seasons and 'December 1963' in time turned to T-Pain and "Shawty" and her hideous apparel? Don't get me wrong, for some odd reason unknown to me, I love me some T-Pain and well pretty much any pop culture rap. But I have no clue why. I guess if I have to wikipedia the lyrics of a song stuck in my head to find its meaning I should probably really start to evaluate my music tastes... I guess.

This is the most worthless blog post I have ever made. I think I really just wanted to be able to put the Apple Bottom Jeans lyrics in a blog. Cheers.

I guess it would be fitting to insert April fools here to cover my back for the nonsense I just wrote.