Saturday, March 22, 2008

Archive 22 Nov. 2007

What is the difference between right and wrong? No maybe not moral right and wrong. But in common generalities of right and wrong. The difference doesn’t have to be something catastrophic. I mean if you are driving 35 mph you are in the right but if you are driving 36 mph you are in the wrong, if you place the dinner fork on the right side of the plate you are in the right but if you the desert fork isn’t at the head of the placemat then you are in the wrong. Is that really going to change the way someone lives their life? I think not. So is the difference between right and wrong, moral and ethical misbehavior aside, just a slighted perception of our forefathers? Or do we really believe that that dinning etticut is really something to worry about. And so in that case I guess the old saying, “If loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.” Is actually correct, because whose to really say what is wrong. Now don’t get me “wrong” there are things that are morally decisive and there is a whole slew of thoughts that go with that but I am just talking of petty everyday if the outcome is one way or the other no one will really know or care kind of stuff. I guess the cool thing is that no one knows who is “right” so it might as well be me.

Just for the sake of knowledge; the definition of right is correct: accurate, or consistent with the facts or general belief. And the definition of wrong is holding an incorrect opinion about a person, thing, or matter (interesting that ‘place’ wasn’t listed but the rest of the characteristics of a noun where).

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