Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The week in review.

This past week (Wed - Mon) I completed the "1400 Miles" literally. In the past seven days (plus a couple of extra) I have been back and forth between Manhattan and KC Four times, Tulsa and Wichita twice, and KC and Tulsa once. In that time I got to spend most of my waking time with my best friends some of which I wont be able to see all summer others I will be seeing in eight weeks in Botswana. I had my last day of work. I made new family in Sapulpa, OK. Witness my sister win the state championship in KS 5A softball. Saw her graduate high school and go to her open house. Got to grab a beer with the guy who is always there no matter what, roomie for life, Tom Lynch. And been supported through some tough crap by the greatest family in the world. I also saw off two of my best friends, Ana (the coolest girl ever) and Jess (the rock that keeps me in reality and wont let my head get too big), to Africa for 11 weeks. I have done all of this on little to no sleep.

What I have learned this week: Anna reminded me what it was like to be passionate about something again. Ana showed me how easy it is to be loved. My parents demonstrated amazing patience. Dee Dee (my moms best friend) let me see what it looks like to love from a distance and give support when needed. And 1550 miles on the road gave me time to think that I am the only one who has the power to change the world, I cant wait to get 'plugged' in I just have to go for it. And after three days of wrestling thru John 15 and fighting the idea of what the literal meaning of bearing fruit is I still have no clue.

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DeeDee said...

Sam, Wow! somehow you never cease to AMAZE me! With only a few days left before you start your new journey, I believe you are bearing the fruit! I'll see you before you ship out!
Always, DeeDee