Thursday, May 1, 2008


I was sitting in KSU Student Death Center aka Lafene yesterday and while in the lobby I couldnt help but notice the old homecoming posters framed on the wall. They were posters that ranged from the years 1987-1991 ish. the posters were interesting to me mainly because of the crazy marketing slogans. For example:

"I like the State in U" (HC 1990), "Changing our ways: its a K-State craze." (HC 1989) or even the state slogan; "Land of Ahhs" circa 1989.

These are all catchy yet extremely lame slogans. Which could only make me think one thought, "Are people more cynical about stupid slogans now than they were, lets say, 20 years ago?"

In the recent past we have our share of stupid slogans, i.e.:

"Magic in Manhattan" (HC 2007), "Wildcat flashback" (HC 2005), or without a doubt the most ridiculous slogan of all time property of the great state of Kansas which is; "Kansas. As Big as you think!" (2008)

My thought process leads me to wonder why 'as big as you think' should cost millions of dollars to come up with? I think that the recent homecoming slogans are very cheesy and are trying too hard. I think that marketing something doesnt always have to be cute... its actually ok to be real.

I just wonder since the style in the early 90's was tacky if the students were ok with horrible, tacky slogans as well.

"Changing our ways: its a K-State craze." REALLY, what does that even mean? Thanks K-State and the state of Kansas, just keep wasting my money on horrible PR campaigns.

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