Friday, May 9, 2008

Called out.

You know that feeling you get when you realize that a decision that you have made is correct or at least is worth while? When you finally get a sense of peace.

This morning I got that feeling about going to Africa. I know I have felt good about the trip, felt like I have God's ok, but there has been a lot of other junk going on this past semester which has made me second guess that judgement. -- Scripture has helped ease the anxiety and time and again shown me direction, throughout my life, but especially has given me direction this crazy semester-- one of the hardest, most emotionally draining semesters of my life.

The cool thing is, is that God reveals himself through His word. As Christ followers we get so caught up in being super selfless (or at least we say we do), almost to the point sometimes that we forget to realize that we are constantly being trained as well. This morning, God called me out. -- I think it is easy to get caught up in the thoughts about going to the nations and meeting needs, going to the nations and playing humainitarian or ministry hero. In the past 48 hours God has opened the door to Rwanda, Kenya, and all of Sudan. With that said we must pack some unexpected stops into the same six weeks we are in Central Africa. This I dont believe is an accident. I think He is cramming John and I with the brutal realities of the world so that we cant get comfortable in one place for a while, so he can show us the selfishness of our lives. Let me explain:

This morning I was reading in Ezekiel (Ez 36:29-32) and it cave me a better perspective on God's plan for me at least for the first six weeks of the summer. Through Zeek He revelaed himself to me in this way; This trip is not about me, it is not for my benefit, it is to be a servant to others, it is to witness Him in real life, it is to see life that isnt easy first hand. I am in need of a wake up call to see just how easy I have and how I have taken advantage of that my whole life.

I am fearful because God has promised in Zeek to, "clean me up" and I have no idea what that means. What I do know is that I am really good at being "dirty" and this new cleanliness is probably going to rock my "world"... in a good way of course.

PS I love Air1.

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