Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Help Wanted!

I just want to start off with some encouragement that has got me through finals week; Click Here

Anyway I have been having this thought about what the perfect ministry could look like a lot lately. Been trying to see how there could be a campus in unity that didn't fear stepping on toes but just selling out alongside one another for the sake of the Gospel. I guess it goes for anything, why is it that we (people in general) cant ever work in unison for a common goal? Why do we always have to fight each other more than the 'enemy'?

A couple months back Cody and I sat down and brainstormed through what the perfect campus revival could look like. What it would take to get campus ministries to whole-heartedly work along side one another. -- How do we keep from 'vilianizing' other groups with the same goals because they aren't doing it our way? -- I am totally guilty of it.

We made up a list that typed out took up almost three pages. It was awesome, it layed out leadership summits and using each others talents and improving on your own weakness as individual ministries.

If this sounds familiar, I think I wrote about this same topic last month when we were brainstorming through this idea. But it has become a topic of interest to me again in light of some recent progress by the church body as a whole.

Yesterday was the deadline for the first ever 'One Prayer' series that LifeChurch.tv's Craig has visioned. He is taking the church to a whole new level with this, forcing us to believe or at least dream that we truly can "keep the unity."

I just hope to see the day when I am not more worried about how other people are doing things rather just joyed that they are laboring for the same cause in a way that I could not.

"What would happen if we were the answer to Jesus' prayer when he prayed make us one."

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