Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Rents and Life

There are two things on the agenda for tonights blog:

1) Does anyone remember Big Ball Sports clothing company? I wore this stuff when I was middle school (the brand name has a whole new spin now than it did when I was 11). Anyways I am at my parents house prepping for a speaking engagement that I have tomorrow and I am sitting in my old room and I have three stickers on my old window; a :big ball sports," "no rules" (I wasnt even cool enough for "no fear"), and a kc cheifs sticker that i distinctly remember came off a Joe Montana Halloween costume helmet. I dont know what is funnier the fact that I stuck stickers of my favorite brands on my window when I was younger or the fact that they are still on there... I guess they just match the Mighty Mouse emblem still hanging on the outside of my bedroom door.

2) What are we living our lives for? I will have much more on this thought later on in the week but I am sitting here in KC bouncing this through my head over and over. Tomorrow I am delivering the baccalaureate sermon for North Platte high school and I though I had the speech down, I thought I knew exactly what I was going to tell them, until today. All i could think about today was "what are these graduates going to try to live their lives for?"

People, we ARE the generation that WILL bring change. I guarantee that. The world should brace itself for social justice, world unity, and a cohesive global community -- You can ney say all you want but the rest of us WILL make it happen!