Monday, May 5, 2008

Today I plead Guilty.

Two in one day -- bare with me.

This afternoon at work I was guilty, guilty of second guessing social justice and caring for the poor. The very thing that I preach about and talk about continuously.

I work at a local bike shop in Manhattan as a mechanic, while at work I was building a bike for a guy who did not pay for his bike. Our gracious manager had worked out a deal to get this gentleman a new bike because he could not afford a new on other wise. That was cool but when I had to put his old rack on this new bike it became a complete inconvenience. Racks are a pain to assemble especially ones that are literally 20 years old and completely rusted. -- Yes I am guilty of complaining about giving something to someone who is less fortunate, giving someone something that will give them something to be proud of.

Its that easy to get caught up in the world. Please learn from my mistakes, lets learn from each others mistakes.

Social justice, a cohesive global community; wont happen over night but we can be a people that starts to hold themselves and the people around them accountable. Our accountability will be the driving force to make us a generation of change!

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