Monday, April 7, 2008

True American?

This past weekend we remembered a Hero in America. We remembered a man who fought for civil rights and was not afraid to make a stand for what he, and everyone else, knew was right. We looked back at the life of a man who created the first ever "poor man's" campaign that fought for under-waged and under-appreciated Americans (What could have happened if his life had not ended short?). We take time and acknowledge and admire a remarkable man.

Also this weekend we watched a team in the Memphis Tigers play for a city that was so deeply effected by Dr. King. A city in the heart of the south that was home to marches, sit-ins, riots, extreme segregation, and eventually the site to Dr. Kings assassination. This weekend the Tigers were America's team. This weekend the Tigers represented equality.

How could anyone who calls themselves an American and root against the Memphis Tigers? How can you not pull for a city that is home to an event that is arguably the greatest defining moment in our countries history?

In conclusion I have found that it is unpatriotic to be a KU fan and that you will have trouble justifying your dedication to this country if you root for the Jayhawks. I believe that all KU fans should move to Lawrence, and by Lawrence I mean Canada!

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John Nunnally said...

Tongue in cheek? I'm not sure?