Thursday, September 25, 2008


So here is something cool. This internet thing works.

So I am in college which means that I am a religious Facebook user. For those of you living under a cultural rock Facebook is a social networking service that is free of charge targeted towards college age, and the like, people. -- So lately I have been on this kick about charity: water, which in my mind is one of the greatest people helping organizations on the planet right now. I have been selling it like it is my job on facebook, web forums, and even this site (note: right hand ad banner). Which is all well and good but does anyone really pay any attention? YES! Today I found out that a dorm of people have seen how cool charity: water and it vision is by different links and posting on my facebook page. How sweet is that?

So if I can get some people interested in a sweet organization that is saving lives by just changing my status and/or profile picture on facebook, what kind of change could we make as a generation if we engaged all forms of cybermedia that we are capable of using?


viktoria alexeeva said...

Hey Sam! Thanks for finding us! I work at c:w and just saw your blog. Great to know there are people like you out there rooting for us, and more importantly, the millions in need of water around the world. -viktoria

rachel rianne said...

the beauty of the information superhighway.