Friday, October 10, 2008

Fight with Not For.

Exile me.
Dont fight with me.
Fight with me.
Dont fight for me.
Fight for me.
Dont rise up against me.
Rise up against me.
Dont sell me out.
Sell me out.
Dont ignore me.
Ignore me.
Dont walk behind me.
Walk behind me .
Dont drag me.
Drag me.
Dont push me.
Push me.
Dont doubt me.
Doubt me.
Dont count me out.
Count me out.
Dont lose faith in me.
Lose faith in me.
Dont stop trusting me.
Stop trusting me.
Dont quit believing in me.
Quit believing in me.
Dont fear me.
Fear me.
Dont exile me.

Yeah my mind might have been wondering in, Post World War-II American Drama and Film, class so I took a stab at poetry. eh.

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