Tuesday, January 18, 2011

John 4:11

11 "Sir," the woman said (she is speaking to Jesus), "you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water?"

This statement is in response to an encounter that Jesus is having with a Samaritan woman and Jesus is asking her to draw water for him from a very deep well. A conversation ensues and Jesus explains that he is the "living water" and so this is where we enter with verse 11...

I feel like my natural response to Jesus on many occasions, especially the tough ones, looks much like the response that the Samaritan woman replies, "How can you do that, Jesus?" When I am uncomfortable, lazy, or inadequately believing I instinctively begin to fabricate faults in the Messiah to bandage the insecurities of my life.

I think if I was the Samaritan woman in this conversation the response would have read more like this, "Dude," the simple boy replied, "You are just a man with nothing. No tools to build something with, no magic wand to make 'living water' appear, no army to steal 'living water' resources, no factory to produce water with. How could you possibly be able to provide living water?"

My auto response is to always doubt Jesus and elevate myself and the reality is that the arrogance in that statement kills my convictions and deters from my perception of the enormity of the grace of God.

The irony of this passage is that the lady had a bucket to reach the bottom of the deep well with in her hand the whole time she was questioning Jesus' ability to draw the water.