Friday, May 28, 2010

Thought of the day

Today was a good day. Got plenty accomplished, not a lot but enough. Mission House is almost complete (pictures and explanation to come soon). Our first intern class moves in this September. Crazy exciting.
Today was a good day for evaluation and reflection. My busy day consisted of driving from one end of the city and back...twice, so I got a fair amount of time to think. The thought that continually puzzled me was, "what are things in modern day life that I would identify as compassion?" I thought through this for a while and came up with some good ideas but I think the realization that I came to was that compassion like very few other things in life is one of those actions that you cant really limit to a spectrum. Compassion, while incredibly easy, is one of those acts that is so great and so much larger than our imaginations that we cant try to categorize it or force it into lists. I guess for me compassion is just one of those things that I hope I get to encounter and pass on each and everyday, no act in particular.

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