Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Nearly 7 years ago today my life changed with one tear. My leg decided to go one way and my knee said no; and that is it. Everything I had planned on and everything that I knew was no longer an option. No more big school far away for free... instead small (relatively) school two hours from home with a dream far, far away. You know what though? It is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
My tenure (almost literally) is about to end and the dynamic duo of Manhattan, KS and Sam McCord will soon be coming to a close. What an amazing ride it has been. What an interesting relationship.
Its funny seven years ago I never saw myself in Manhattan, it just wasnt for me. Now many, many, moons later I dont see myself anywhere else. This is my home now. This is my town. This is the place that I love.
I am dreading the time when I have to actually write this post with depth and full emotion. Literally, leaving Manhattan is like losing a best friend. This sucks.


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