Friday, February 6, 2009

School Time.

Sudanese people are gorgeous. That is all there is to it. I took this picture when I was in Central Sudan doing some photography work for the Manute Bol Foundation and Sunrise Sudan. This particular photo was taken in a school in the village of Turalei in South Sudan. You may say to yourself, "If this picture is IN a school then why is it outside?" or "It's just a sea of children." Well yes it is a sea of children. The schools usually have anywhere from 350-800 students and there are usually 4-6 teachers. The educational system is a definite art of organized chaos. And yes, the students are outside IN school. Schools in Southern Sudan meet under trees. The war has not only displaced communities and villages it has taken all governmental buildings and schools as well. So they meet for school under trees and are just happy that they get the opportunity.

Disclaimer: Do not look directly into the eyes of the children. They will capture your heart.
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